Written & Directed by Yvano Antonio




This short documentary briefly analyzes the effects of social media on Canada’s Black youth.

Canada's Black youth have a responsibility to lead the next generation but they're being disillusioned by social media. They’ve made progress but there’s still plenty of work to be done. It’s up to them to hold themselves accountable and use social media to their advantage.

Film Type: Short Documentary

Country: Canada

Year: 2019

Run Time: 4:34

Language: English

I made this film to start a conversation around how social media has disillusioned Canada's Black youth. I'm concerned about what's in store for my generation and the next.

I think it's important for the next generation of Black Canadians to understand the power of social media and the responsibility that comes with this technology.

It’s time for our generation to look up from our phones for and begin to re-educate ourselves.


Yvano Antonio — Writer & Director

Yvano Wickham­-Edwards (Yvano Antonio) is a photojournalist and filmmaker from Toronto on a mission to affect positive change in Canada’s Black communities through imagery.

After graduating high school he took a year off to work and plant his feet as a freelance photographer. He then attended Centennial College to study journalism.

In the past 5 years freelancing and studying, Yvano has built a large network and gained many professional credits. Most notably, he premiered his first short film #BLACK at the 15th annual Montreal International Black Film Festival on September 25, 2019 in Montreal, Québec.

Alison Duke — Supervising Producer

Alison Duke is an artistic activist, award-winning filmmaker and passionate producer committed to the Canadian visual art form.

She established Goldelox Productions to produce social issue content. In 2016, she produced the Akua Benjamin Legacy Project, a digital web series which celebrates the legacies of Toronto-based black activists.

Inspired by Ava Duvernay, #metoo and the reality that opportunities for women behind the camera in Canada are long overdue, Alison hired five black female Canadian directors to helm the films.

Recently, she co-wrote and co-produced the television documentary Mr. Jane and Finch (19) directed by Ngardy Conteh George (and edited by Sonia Godding Tobogo ) for CBC Docs POV. She also directed, Cool Black North (19),a two hour television documentary special for CityTV/Rogers.

Current activities sees her producing Laurie Townshend's, feature documentary, Mothering in the Movement under Oya Media Group banner and kick starting Year 2 of Black Youth! Pathway2Industry, a 3- year initiative to support black youth access essential training, mentors, networks and film industry spaces.

Ngardy Conteh George — Supervising Producer

Mrs. Conteh George is a dynamic director, eager to unearth rich untold stories and broadcast it to the masses.

She has covered intriguing stories from West Africa, Caribbean and North America; she will boldly go where no one has been before!

Fonna Seidu — Supervising Producer

Dreaming of creating a world where artists and creatives don’t procrastinate, Fonna Seidu swoops in to support teams execute their vision on time and on budget.

Starting her film/television career in 2018, she has already worked as Travel Coordinator, Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer on many short films.

Bringing her 5+ years of project management in the community arts not-for-profit world, Fonna has experience implementing collaborative media projects, promotional marketing campaigns, conferences, and speaking tours.

As an accomplished community leader, she helped plan and actualize over 45 unique events across the Greater Toronto Area, managed teams of 33+, and maintained project budgets exceeding $100,000.

When she is not freelancing, Fonna works an Assistant Producer at Adjacent Possibilities Inc., where she coordinates films that bridge systemic change with personal narrative

Lu Asfaha — Editor

Lu Asfaha is an award winning filmmaker based in Toronto. Her films combine and bend genres to explore themes of identity, belonging, and how things fall apart.

In 2018 she released the short documentary Freedom Summer on CBC Gem, and won the CineFAM script competition to make the dark fantasy short Paladin.

Last year, she was honoured to be a Doc Accelerator Fellow at Hot Docs Film Festival and won the RBC Emerging Director Award at Regent Park Film Festival.

She is currently in development for the short film Fresh Meat, feature length documentary Ewan Zkret, and trying not to get distracted by every new streaming release.

Mark Valino — Cinematographer

The Visual Misfit.
For Mark Valino Video/Filmmking is life. Director/Producer/Editor/Videographer, The full production package in one.

Mark Valino started shooting and editing films in high school with analog video. At a young age, learning the concepts of video/fimmaking in analog he easily applied it to and grew up with the progression of the Digital Media/Video Era.

Mark received his diploma for Film & Television Production at The Toronto Film Academy where hes tarted Visually Mental Pictures his Independent Production Company producing Corporate and Documentation videos.

"Presenting the Visual Representation of the Truth" is his mantra that motivates and inspires Mark Valino's vision till this very day to show life on the screen as wondrous and spectacular as he sees it.

He got his first television experience with Flip TV, Bpm TV and Entertainment Tonight Canada and quickly learned the inner workings of the overall broadcast/film industry from the inside.

Today Mark is the Director of the Manifesto Documentation Crew andDirector/Co-Founder of Manifesto TV, he also works as a Digital Editor at Much Music while workingFreelance Producing/Directing/Videography/Editing. To say he keeps busy is an understatement.

Mark Valino's main mission as a music and art lover has provided him the drive to showcase his community's art and culture the way he knows best. He continues to collaborate with many of Toronto's talented artists.

Mark has always prided himself on being a life long student to the art of video/filmmaking and visual storytelling and being able to understand/execute a project from concept to production to post production.

Mark's visual style is dynamic and intuitive and it continues to evolve everyday...

Contact Information

Yvano Antonio: Writer & Director

ywickhamedwards@gmail.com — 647 809 7416

Fonna Seidu: Supervising Producer

f.seidu@gmail.com — 647 239 7371